The Arm Pad is a device automatically equipped onto Dylan. It flashes red and yellow when it needs to be used, but is normally a shade of Light Blue

The device was first used to fix the broken Motto of the Webonauts Internet Academy. It is next used to set up the student's Webonauts account, and later on fix it's privacy settings. The Arm Pad is also used when the student attempts to teleport to the Bambu Jungle, only to find that the teleporter has broken down. He used the Arm Pad to find a reliable information source to give directions to the Jungle.

Once the student gets to the Jungle, he is faced with the choice to help the Great Static sell cookies (using a stolen cookie recipe) or stop him. Suddenly, the Arm Pad flashes and once clicked on reveals the face of Boom 10 and graduate from the Webonauts Internet Academy. This, unlike other times Boom 10 has appeared by hologram to guide him, is the only time Dylan can use his Arm Pad to summon Boom 10. It is also the only time the student can use the device outside of the Academy.

When the student is back from the Jungle, a green Bamdude calls him on the Arm Pad, explaining why pictures of the student (with the words "I WILL STEAL YOUR COOKIES" on it) are in the hall. This is the last time he uses the Arm Pad.    


  • Throughout the course of the game, the Arm Pad is used a total of 6 times. 
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